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LiveJournal for Rose/Etcetera.

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Thursday, July 4th, 2002

Time:12:30 pm.
Mood: busy.
I'm making a Rumpleteazer Cats cossie, as well as my Griddlebone one. List of what I need for each:

Coloring Chart: Done. It's easy- she's all white. But she has all that fur to deal with
Unitard: Since it just has to be plain white, I have one that will work. No painting, but I do have to start with the fur.
Leotard: Have to find a shiny pink leotard! I'll check ADA Dancewear, probably get a Princess Seamed camisole leotard from Mirelli.
Tail: I didn't get a super good tail- just a nice white feather boa (it has sparkles on it, lol, but what can ya' do?), but it'll do. I needed to find something fluffy enough and long enough, I didn't think I could make a tail that fluffy and long.
Wig: Wig is generally done. I may need to make adjustments so my ears don't show- plus the pink plastic ears need to go, but I'll finish it quickly.
Trim (for leotard): Found pink cord that looked pretty- this will be for the crisscross cord on the front of Griddle's leotard.
Ballet slippers: Hm, I know where to get them, but I have to find nice ones to walk around in. Not that big a deal- pink jazz shoes would work just fine.
Tons of Faux Fur (3" pile): UGH! The hardest thing to find! I can't seem to locate it anywhere, and even though one friend said they saw some at Hancock's fabrics and Joanne's, I checked Joanne's and there was nothing useable.
Makeup/Makeup pattern: Easy to get is the makeup pattern- I have a lot of closeups of Griddle's face. I know where to get the makeup too.
Gloves: Did I ever luck out on the gloves... went to the Gaslight Theatre costume shop and found nice shiny pink gloves that fit well. The exact color I needed and everything. It was the first place we looked for gloves, too.
Warmers: I was kind of worried about warmers- they use the fuzzy ones onstage but nobody knows where to buy them. But when I checked what Griddle's warmers looked like, I found they aren't fuzzy, just regular warmers. The fuzz on her is all her fur, I guess.

Coloring Chart: Almost done with it. I can only watch Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer from the video (She has a different costume in it)- but I got distracted and only did one leg and one arm. It's okay, though, I'll watch it again. Eek, I also forgot to get the back of it! Heh, oh well.
Unitard: Don't have one yet, will get mock turtle neck shiny nylon lycra from ADA Dance though.
Leotard: Heh, another thing I don't have. Okay, will probably get a shiny white thong back leotard- ADA doesn't carry them though, so I'll have to look around for it.
Garters: I don't know if these are actually called garters, but they clip one end to the leotard and one end to the tights to hold the tights up. Eh, oh well. I need to find them.
Tights: Plain white tights- this is probably the easiest thing on the list.
Shoulder/Glove Fur: I'll probably use leftover fur from the Griddle cossie
Gloves: Will make another trip to Gaslight
Pearls: Hm... I need to find large pearls for Teazer... don't know if I want video style pearls or broadway style pearls.
Jazz shoes: Heh, I'll get them at stride rite or something.
RIT Dye: Okay, Michael's down the street has oodles of RIT dye- I used it on Erin's Demey costume and it came out pretty (super uber pretty, but we won't go into what she did to mine.).
Makeup pattern: Found one on the web.
Makeup: Know where to get it, know what kinds to get.
Tail: Erin said she'd make a tail for me- hehe!
Wig: Will buy at Gaslight (they have them there!)

Anyway, as you can see, lot of work to be done on both of them. Eek... promised to find Jemima charts for Leah! *scampers off to do that*
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Monday, July 1st, 2002

Time:6:40 pm.
Mood: bored.
Okay, good news is I don't have h. pylori. Bad news is I'm bored to death.

I know I keep forgetting to post here. I had all these delicious things to say and I forgot them.

My life is getting slow.

Sound of Music went on Friday, so I don't know what to do with my time anymore. Doctor told me to exercise at the YMCA.

Email isn't working? Hotmail won't let me sign in- if anybody knows how to fix these, pleeease tell me.

Read a new series: I'm hooked. They're toned down romance novels (lol, I know, Rose, reading romance novels? weird, hm?), but I love them to pieces. The name of the series is Brides of Wildcat County. My favorite one so far is Audacious: Ivy's Story. I even made a character named Audacia to go with my Ivy character (you'll understand if you read the books).

Maybe going bowling with Brandon, Maureen, Ke, Erin, and Kyle tomorrow. Hope so.
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Saturday, November 3rd, 2001

Subject:Posi's moving
Time:6:45 pm.
Posi- me- Rose- is going to make another account. I was on teenopendiary for a while, but I like this better. I need a new name though...
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Thursday, October 11th, 2001

Subject:I guess it's back to the ol' journal
Time:11:07 pm.
Mood: depressed.
Whoa... I remember so long ago... summer... when I had time to post. I hate school. I have like, four and a half math assignments to do by monday (I hate algebra), I gotta research stuff on high school dropouts ('s stupid.), oh. Oh shit.

I just remembered something.
I have a test tomorrow.
::screams obscene words/phrases/anything that comes to mind::
I hate social studies. I hate Mr. Driscoll!!! Stupid test! I didn't even KNOW there was a Turkmenistan before September 12! Why should I even CARE about the Turkmenistanian people?!? I don't live there! I don't want a test on "The Stans"! I DON'T LIKE SOCIAL STUDIES! IT'S GOING TO RUIN MY CHANCES OF GETTING INTO UHS!

UHS. I want to go there. University High School. Hard, I heard, a lot of homework, I heard. I probably won't be able to keep up. But I can't go to a school without Mauri! Best friends gotta' stick together, right? So it doesn't matter if I fail totally, I couldn't stand being without my friends.
UHS. I have to take the test to get in next week. What if I don't get in? Danny Rau got in... if I don't, I'll die... well no, but "or something!" And if I fail social studies... I can't get in.

I could do some stupid pity thing... "Mr. Driscoll... you know... I'm terrible at maps and capitals... couldn't you help me to remember them? Could I re-take the test? Oh pretty pleeeease?" But I doubt it would work.
Anyway, Erin's mad at me. What's up with that? What did I even do? I can't remember. I bet she can though. I'll ask her tomorrow. Nick's mad at me because I teased him about Shira. He really likes her, and it's really sweet that he does, but she doesn't like him at all. Back to Erin- I'm in two groups with her. One for SS and one for LA. She keeps saying "Rose, why don't you do the work?" Well, it's hard. How am I supposed to find information on high school programs to keep kids from dropping out? I looked, I really did. I found one program. And it's actually to keep kids out of gangs. I wish I could just sit down on the ground, slam my fists down and wail loudly. But I can't. I'm babysitting and I just got the brats to sleep.
The SS group with Erin is we represent Israel for the stupid "Peace, Security, and Stability World Conference" or something like that. I was in the Grand Canyon for two days. I TOLD her this! I know I did! And I'm not mad at her for getting sick and missing school... but she doesn't do any research. Well, she did SOME. And this test? Well it's covering some information from the days we both missed so neither of us have the notes! Oh, and on Friday we did a speech together. I wrote it. She rearranged the information later when we found out it was wrong. Well I wrote the whole dang speech! I know she probably has a different veiw of things.
My life is a whole string of If's...
What if I fail Mr. Driscoll's class?
What if I don't make it into UHS?
What if I never get a boyfriend or no one asks me to the eighth grade ball? (Did I mention up there that I'm LONELY?! I doubt anyone even likes me at all!)
What if me and Mauri go to different HS's?
What if... well it goes on. I know there are people who are more stressed out than me. Who have more stuff to worry about, like food and, I dunno, abuse. Whatever though, cause I'm best at looking out for myself. I don't even do that very well.

(PS?) Plus I dyed my hair. It was supposed to be dark natural red. Well all it did was give me hard to see red highlights. After I went around all yesterday saying "I'm dying my hair! It's gonna be so different, red!" and all that crap. I had really wanted dark red hair, too...

(PPS?) Maybe now I know why Ky-lyle and Kevin say I'm a depressing person. Although usually I'm cheerful bouncy li'l Rose! Well... this is the side of me that's dark, depressed, angry, pissed, I dunno. Whatever.
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Saturday, August 4th, 2001

Subject:Sick, tired, lonely...
Time:8:27 pm.
My day, well...

Feis time. Wake up at five in the morning, sleepily throw everything together, and leave for a two hour drive to Pheonix. Oh, did I mention that the night before I had foam spike shaped curlers sticking out of my head which allow me little sleep?!?! And then I have to wake up at some ungodly hour!? RRRRRR! Although, I have to admit, being a Spike Head is fun when you have to go places. Anyway, the two hour drive with a seven year old dancer, an eleven year old dancer/my brother, and the thirteen year old nondancer/friend. Plus two Couch Coaches (moms.). Took out my curlers in the car. Damn, my hair is so thick, and my mom doesn't put them in right. My curls never come out the way I want them to. Katherine's came out beautiful (she's the seven year old). Got to the feis. Oh boy, they're starting an hour early. I run around trying to get ready. Oh right, and my lime green scrunchie got lost (at least I had my bright neon green flashpants this time!!! ^.^), and the *two* (only two!!) vendors there had no scrunchies set out, so we asked. One of the vendors had a bag of black, gold, white, blue, and orange scrunchies. I grabbed a black one, not much time. Didn't get to stretch at all, I think I really really hurt my heel to my knee on my left leg. It's been hurting since I got out of the car when we got home from Pheonix. Anyway, fun fun, I'M THE ONLY COMPETITOR IN MY FIRST TWO DANCES!!! Rrrrr, good thing I don't mind that like some people do. But that just means I can't move up!!! And my third dance, slip jig, there were two people, me and someone from McTeggart or something like that. Rrr, I got first place in that one, like I did in reel and light jig (but since I was the only person in both of those it doesn't really count). This is the first time I've been so angry at getting three first places. Since I moved up in my single jig at my first feis, I had more of a challenge in that one, and I didn't place at all. Oh how I hate the single jig. I don't know why I don't like it, I just don't! Ehhe, well next was the slip jig special. For some reason I've always thought this was unfair. You've got like, every level dancer in this one. So if you're begginer 1, you almost don't stand a chance. Didn't place in that, obviously. Soooo, then... I completely dropped out of all my hard shoe dances. I am NOT ready to those yet! Not even hornpipe, which, for some strange reason, is my favorite dance. Well, I was done for the day. I wasn't really happy about there not being enough people in my level and age group. I would really like to move up! Went to the Rula Bula next door. Heh, they had Feis Food Specials... but I couldn't get the hamburger because I'm a vegetarian, I despise macaroni, and I couldn't order off the kids menu cause I'm over 10. Although I look about 8 in these Shirley Temple curls! Ehhe, that's okay. I got a veggie burger. Gross. I won't make that mistake again. Lesee... after lunch... I blew about twenty bucks on raffle tickets... I really wanted that raffle basket plus the pretty pretty Step dancer Doll! I also put in for a poster... Trinity Irish Dance Company thing, but my friend who's in ballet has got ballet posters and ballet dolls all over her room and I'd really like to find some stuff like that for stepdancing. I wonder if I won. I'll probably get a call tomorrow if I did. Ummm, after that, we basically went out for ice cream, then went home.

Fun, two hour ride back. I fell asleep though, but when I woke up, I was really really groggy. And the three children (see above who I was traveling with) were making so much noise. Rrrrr. Well I got out of the car and got to Katherine's house. I felt so sick. My stomach hurt and my head hurt and I felt so terrible. I begged my dad to take me home, so finally he did. So here I am. Leg hurting, stomach hurting. I seem to get sick a lot. ::sighs:: Oh well.

Ciao Baby!
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Thursday, August 2nd, 2001

Subject:>.< forgot something
Time:11:04 am.
Mood: lonely.
Art is over.
Oh yeah, and on that post about bubble gum I forgot to say 'ciao baby'.

Ciao Baby.
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Time:10:56 am.
Mood: lonely.
Jewlies is so lucky. Tony T.T.B. sent her a long beautiful email. Signed it with 'Love' and said stuff about how he never felt that way about a girl before.
Why can't someone do that for me? Write me a flowery email about 'us'. Friends are easy, love is hard. I know, I know, I'm only in middle school, I've got a lot of time. But I don't want to wait. I see people who are bouncy and happy, and go on about their boyfriend or girlfriend. Who do I have? Nobody! Why? No idea. I guess I'm not pretty enough, in middle school a lot is based on looks. Guys don't understand things in middle school. It's the inside that counts... whatever. Beauty is only skin deep... whatever. Look, if I'm gonna' be lonely for the rest of my life, tell me now! I can prepare. Get millions of cats (not that I won't, anyway) and spend my money on cat food. Work at a Burger King (even tho I'm basically a vegetarian) and get the rep of the mean old lady who won't let you touch her lawn?


Ciao Baby
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Tuesday, July 31st, 2001

Subject:New Page Schemey Thing
Time:8:00 pm.
Mood:Deprived of Bubble Gum.
I finally found a schemey thing I like! Heh, I went through almost all of the colors. I like the watermelony thing, but it's just a white background, and I dislike white backgrounds.

::searches frantically for her bubble gum:: I keep biting my nails! Bad bad habit of mine, but it stops whenever I have bubble gum in my mouth. Unfortunately, my mom moved all my BG off the table and I can't find it! WAH!

::whimpers:: wan' bubba' gum.
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Subject:Ah... back to livejournal...
Time:3:15 pm.
Mood: flirty.
Ahh, sorry people, for not posting in a while. For one, I'm still on my mom's crappy slow computer because MINE needs a new motherboard. ~.~ So I don't know when that'll be fixed. And two I've been kinna' busy.



I sit here, lonely, no one to flirt with... and I feel flirty, giggly, giddy, ditzy! Not even anyone to RP flirt with! Boston is on vacation, Tawn... hasn't been online at all today... plus all my other rp buds aren't on. Well, these are the times when I wish I had a boyfriend.
I envy those girls who are pretty, and have boys competing for them. One girl can have ten crushes, while another has only one- a nerd or something. That's me. Well, I don't think HE even likes me anymore, now that I turned him down to go out with him. He was probably my last chance for a middle school romance, eh? Who's gonna' ask me to the El Saguaro Ball now? Will? Hah, fat chance, he'll go after Briana, or Ke, or someone really pretty. Joel? Yeah right, people said he liked me, but I doubt it. I would go with him, if he asked. Maybe someone from Hebrew school. Ross? Ross is nice. He has a nice face. He isn't a 'hottie' or 'adorable', but he has a certain charm, yannow? Maybe it's just a little bit early to be thinking about the E.S.B. (El Saguaro Ball). It's not until near the end of eighth grade.
Speaking of being an eighth grader, I'm going to miss all the former eighth graders. Hua, Ester, Jean, Clark, Wood Elf (aka Zach), Katya, Aaron, Sarah, Julie, and more. But I'll especially, especially!, miss my 'big brother', Danny!!! Why did you guys have to graduate? I already miss going to the eighth grade table to chat!
Ahh, how cute, Jewlies and Speedster. Jewlies and Tony the Tiger Butt. Jewlies and Staarkers. Jewlies and Anthony. You guys go well together! (btw, Speedster, TTTB, Staarkers are all nicknames for Anthony-Boy). Although I have to admit I'm jealous, because I had him first ^.~ but I introduced you two, and you just... um.. well I dunno, did you click? Heh, well I hope Anthony gives up the rest of his lady loves for ya', Karissee.
Let's see.. 13 people of 131 are online. And two are guys my age. One, I never talk to. The second, my ex-crush, but still friends, friend. Mista' Trenty. Ah, Aaron, I mean. He has live journal. But he isn't someone I'm going to flirt with. No offense to ya', Aaronies. It's just I'd have so many bad experiences with you and flirting. Is this getting long? I think it is, but who cares? I like to write.


Ciao Baby.
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Saturday, July 21st, 2001

Time:12:05 am.
Mood: giggly.
I had the weirdest dream...

Okay, I lived in Russia, right? But not with my real family. A different family. And it was 'Cats Costume' day. So everyone went out in costumes and listened to a story. But then everyone ran away. So then the police told us that everyone would have to leave. But we almost couldn't leave cause I had brown hair, and everyone else in my family had blonde hair. But got out of that, and went walking down the path out of Russia. I looked about 13 years old, but then we got out of Russia and I was 17 years old. We had like.. this cart. Then I opened up my suit case and there was something shaped like a coffee can inside, but bigger. And I opened it up, and there was this sparkly, shimmery blue dress, and pale blue pointe shoes. And people kept coming up to me and saying "Why don't you dance anymore, why don't you dance?" So I put on the dress and the point shoes and walked around in them. For some reason then, we went to the beach, and the royal family of some unknown country was there. And they needed someone for their son to marry. And then my parents told me I was a princess. And then this really cute guy, about 18, came running down the sand and grabbed my hand and brought me into this fabulous beach house. He said before he could marry me he had to see what color my panties were (don't ask, I have NO IDEA where that came from). So um.. he did. And I said I would still marry him and I wasn't scared off by that. We went outside and told his parents we were going to get married, and they were REALLY surprised. They told me that he had scared off five girls already. Anyway, the rest of the dream was basically me and the prince guy talking on the beach and in the beach house. He was really cute, tho. ^.^

Well that's my weird dream.
Ciao Baby!
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Tuesday, July 17th, 2001

Subject:Long long update
Time:7:08 pm.
Mood: ditzy.
Aha, yes, well, bad bad Rose forgot to update ::blush::

I'm gonna kinda' explain events from Saturday to now...

Saturday: Weeell, lessee, I went over to Leah's house about six forty-five for the pre-party sleepover. Allison and... uh... Krista? Kristen? Whatever her name is. They were there too, also Erin. Well when we first got there... Leah wanted to watch 'A Chorus Line'. So we did. Anyway, after having a 'certain' song stuck in our heads for the rest of the night, we went to go play with Leah's dog, and also to chat for a while. Then we watched 'Save the last dance' and Leah's sister and her friends came in the room in the middle of the movie and started watching it with us. Well that was okay by us, but then they wanted to watch the beginning again. We went to go play monopoly. I don't think anyone passed go when we got really bored. And by that time, they were at the place where they started. Only Ariel, Leah's sister, wanted to finish it. Leah protested (after all, it is HER birthday) and Ariel just kept watching the movie. Leah yelled. Ariel put Leah in a headlock. Ariel's nice friends helped us out. Ariel left. We watched Cabaret. By the way, that is a weird movie. Okay, Leah and Erin fell asleep by the time the movie was over. Allison and what's her name fell asleep next, and I fell asleep last. I always do. I always wake up last, too. By the time I woke up, they were in the pool, so I just stumbled into the bathroom, put on my suit, and kinda' stumbled into the pool again. Oh wait, I'm into Sunday now!

Sunday: After swimming, Leah's dad went to go get lunch from taco bell for us (vegetarian 7 layer burrito for me, meaty stuff for them). We ate lunch.. hmm... hung up a few streamers, and decided to fill up the 400 water balloons we had. WELL... the weather chose that moment to rain for about two hours. We're all in our suits, so we don't care, but it was freezing! Thank god the water coming out of the house was warm. So filled a huge garbage can full of balloons. Heh, we were having too much fun. It was me, Leah, and Allison at one spigot (that is the neatest word) and Erin and what's her name at another spigot (coool word). So me 'n' Leah 'n' Allison sat there makin' naughty jokes about what the balloons looked like as they filled with water (limp and small, hard and long, lumpy and short! Three stages of a water balloon.. oh yeah, then popped and wet), stuffing our swim suit tops with water balloons (yanno, Kiersten was right! They ARE really comfy!), and spraying each other with the house (it really didn't matter, cause we were soaking wet after about ten minutes in the rain). Right, then I asked Leah if I could see if a water balloon floated in the pool and she goes 'No.' So I shrug it off. Well, with rain came wind and blew an unfilled balloon into the pool AREA. We went back outside after it stopped raining and Leah's mom goes 'Is that a balloon in the pool-' and before she can finish, Leah says in the meanest, rudest, most accusing voice she has... "ROSE! You didn't!" And I just sat there, shaking my head. God! I was so pissed! And then Leah's friends start coming over for the rest of the party. Leah goes to a different school, sooo, me and Erin felt kind of left out. I mean, we sat there in the corner while they chatted away, played in the pool, and everything. Leah never even remembered to introduce us, until she comes over (in the middle of the party) and says something like 'Come sit with us.' So I told her we didn't feel like it, and that she didn't introduce us to her guests. So she brings over two of them and gives us their names and says, rudely, 'Are you HAPPY now, Rose?!" Look, I woulda' gone over there if she hadn't said that. So me 'n' Erin stayed our distance for a while, then came out to join in the water balloon fight (two hours in the freezing rain making those things and they were gone in about ten minutes). We went in for cake and ice cream (home made!!) and presents. I suggest a game of truth or dare, and they start to play. Unfortunately, they didn't notice me. And I really like ToD. Well anyway, we went back in the pool, and people's parents started coming, so I left. Dreading art the next day, and feeling a bit sick.

Monday: I woke up and I felt really bad. I had a fever, terrible stomach ache and head ache. I didn't want to miss art, because I didn't want to be behind. But I couldn't really go, I felt so bad. So I stayed home. Oh by the way, my computer broke (I'm on my mom's). I'm glad I stayed home though, because I got a lot of rest and I feel so much better. Anyway, I knew I missed a lecture (light and shadows).

Tuesday: Today. Fun. Well, it was actually, despite completely screwing up in art (at least nobody noticed ^.^). Ah well, the teacher is letting me do it over, bless her. Because I was absent and all. So after art came my favorite class of the week, Voice! Ohhh, fun fun! I'm singing Macavity (I think I told you that) and the teacher is so nice! We did character thingies today, where we analyze who's singing our song. Like, Bombalurina and Demeter sing mine. My teacher was quite impressed with how much I knew about CATS. She kept going 'Rose has so much background on her song!' Heh, I was bored, so I drew a piccy of a cat on the back of my character-sheet-thingie. It looks pretty good. Got home.. got on mom's compy... did my homework... RPed a lot today... joined a new one- Wild West Jellicles. One of Munz's. Well, I'm sitting here now. I need some ibuprofen. I still feel a bit sick, well actually, I only have a headache. I think it's from this keyboard, it makes a helluva lot more 'clickitty' noises than my other one. I'm also kinna' hungee. So I'll update again lata'. I promise, lol! ^.~
Ciao Baby!
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Saturday, July 14th, 2001

Subject:Ew, Brothers are gross
Time:11:28 am.
Mood: optimistic.
As I was going to sleep last night... I heard someone moving around in the hallway. I know it was my brother, his door is kinna' squeaky. Suddenly there's a loud 'Buuurp' and some laughing. It's gross. And then he slams his door really loudly, no consideration for the other people in the house! Oh brother...
Irish dance. Fun Fun. Well not when you have a feis (competition) in August and you suck at your hardshoe dances and your teacher is making you do them anyway. Or also, I've been doing trebles a certain way for a long time, and Tom Bracken, my teacher, never corrected me on them, nor did Rosemary, Mary Bridgette, Meg, or Annie. Suddenly Tom tells me they're wrong! I don't know how to do them any other way! My brother, who's been dancing for four years (and still is in beginner 1 in most of his dances, he's been bumped up and down for a long time now) told me the same thing happened to him, but he can't see anything wrong with my trebles. Meg'll prolly tutor me, or Annie, and they'll finally tell me how to fix 'em ^.^
So Leah's birthday party is tonight and tomorrow... she's Middle N/Nakora for those of you that don't know. I don't know what to get her for a present.. although I do know she hinted at me getting her a certain CD. Well, if I can find it... Anyway, it's a pool party/decorating sleepover (for her closest friends). I can't wait, cause Allison and her twin.. I forget her name ::blush::, will be there. Allison is in my ballet/jazz dance class and voice class. Her twin was in my gymnastics.
I like to write long entries, have you noticed? Well anyway, I should go take a shower, or.... or a bubble bath ^.^ I used to have the nickname 'Bubble B**ch' which is a long story, well not really. One day this guy came for a presentation and gave out those necklace bubble things. I collected as many as I could (like fifteen or so) and wore them for about a week. Anyway, bubbles are fun!
Ciao Baby!
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Subject:Supposed to be asleep
Time:12:05 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Mom told me to go to bed a while ago. I'm not going to, not yet. I'm RPing, after all. Munz and Glin are on! ::grins:: So is Lilsha, but I think she got lost in the RP. After all, Munz, Glin, and I have been doing this for a couple weeks and we have a complicated story line, sooo... I don't think Lil really understood.
Gotta go, I'm tired now.
Ciao Baby!
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Friday, July 13th, 2001

Subject:::yawn yawn::
Time:8:34 pm.
Mood: ditzy.
Wow, I'm kinna bored. No one to RP with.. oh yeh, Boston's on. I met her through two message board RPGs. Okay.. I'll go RP with her...

I'm so happy, my sheet music came in! I'm doing Macavity for my Voice for Youth class solo. Mmm, this one has the extra verse.
...And when the Foreign Office find a Treaty's gone astray... or the admiralty lose some plans or drawings by the way: and when the loss has been disclosed, the Secret Service say: It must have been Macavity, but he's a mile away! You'll be sure to find him resting or a licking of his thumbs.. or engaged in doing complicated long division sums!

it's sung to the same tune/part of "he's outwardly respectable..." I like it.
Well I'll go now.
Ciao Baby!
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Thursday, July 12th, 2001

Subject:Cats Cats Cats!
Time:5:44 pm.
Mood: silly.
Hey all you peeps and peepettes.

I am soooo looking forward to no art tomorrow. ::grins:: not only do I get to sleep in, I can work on my.. ::drum roll:: CATS SHRINE! Wooow, aaaaaaaaand... my cats posters! Dad's setting up the screenshots thingie. Did I explain that already? It's these posters I'm making of my favorite cats (well, toms) and I do requests, so email me! Lucky me, I have a cordless keyboard and mouse. They work from up to six feet away. So right now, I'm lying down on the floor, leaning against a laundry basket, struggling to see what I write. ::grins:: Heh, well it's comfortable.

Aw man, the strap to my overalls just broke. ::shrugs and keeps typing:: So about my shrine... it's in my closet (I have a big closet). One thing I made is these sunglasses that have the famous cat eyes hot glued to them (I told you I like hot glue guns). And then my costume, too...

I'll be right back, I have to clean up the table.

Sorry about that (not that it matters to you ::Grin:: ). I was painting a box over so you couldn't see a design under it. I left all my paints out.
Can you tell I'm obsessed with cats? I am... I RP cats, even.
Ciao Baby ^.^
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Time:1:53 pm.
Mood: flirty.
I forgot to say one thing...

Ciao Baby!
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Subject:I'm hooooooooome
Time:1:51 pm.
Mood: giggly.
Oh hey guys, I'm home now. With my beloved Eegee's and a veggie grinder (sub... um... yeah.. I'm a vegetarian). My sammich (sandwich if you don't speak Roseinese) fell apart in the bottom of the bag. I had to scoop up bits of lettuce, tomato, olive, and carrots that were covered in italian dressing. Yuck. It was good, though. I got a strawberry/pina colada Eegee's. Pina Colada is my favorite, besides peach 'n' berry, which is only availible in like.. April or May.

I told you I'd give you that pic, didn't I? Well here it is...
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Subject:An actually FUN class...
Time:10:01 am.
Mood: cheerful.
Hey all you toms and queens!

I had a FUN art class! We did textures (btw, I found something to bring in, a bag of kewl fabric peices) and I love anything with hot glue guns! I mean, they are soooo fun. Especially when you glue yourself to something and it hurts for a moment. I did that today. I glued my finger to my tracing paper book. I didn't even realize it, until my finger started burning. Anyway, my project came out pretty good, I think. It wasn't as complicated as some, but I think it's also better simple. Especially since we have to draw a section of it next week.

You like my picture? It's cute. Jewlies did it fer me, and I love the whole picture a LOT. When I get home (I'm still at the college, I'm just on my dad's computer) I'll insert the whole piccy into an entry. It's Pouncival (my favorite, favorite tom) and Marxikyew (my character) looking as if they're about to kiss. Mebbe I'll post more later, I'm really hungee. Hungry for those of you that don't understand 'Roseinese'. ^.^ Too bad the college has such terrible french fries ::makes a face::

Ciao Baby!
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Wednesday, July 11th, 2001

Subject:Done! Yay
Time:9:07 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Okay! Finished the homework! Good for me! Now I just have to find something that looks textured.

I'll do it later. I'm not very interesting. Did I tell you I was planning a trip to London? Yeah, any CATS fans can come along. Well, as long as they sign up with me first. It'll be in three years, we're making costumes. Here's the taken char list, just in case you're interested.

Me: Etcetera
Erin/SecondM/Minkytink: Demeter
Leah/MiddleN/Nakora: Jemima
Jewlies: Munkustrap (or Munkustra! feminine form)
Cassie: (reserved) Skimbleshanks
Ria/Munz: Tantomile
Misto Kit/Taylor: (reserved) Bombalurina
Listen, I know there's more, and if you're not on here and you reserved/got a character, IM me or email me. This'll be posted on my website soon as well (whenever I get around to it.. ::blush:: )

It'll be so much fun! Remember I won't let just ANYONE on the trip ^.~ You gotta talk to me and stuff first, and have a costume for a char that isn't taken.

Ciao baby!
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Time:7:19 pm.
Mood: stressed.
I can't remember a time when I was more bored. Or stressed. I'm sitting here, staring at peices of colored paper, an exacto knife, graphite transfer paper, tracing paper with a design on it, scissors, glue, bristol paper, drawing pencils, and wondering how this is going to help me. I miss thinking everything was going to be easy, everything is supposed to be fun and crap like that we believed when we were four.
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